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    Software calculating traffic noise and intersection capacity

    Trivector sells a number of different computer programs that facilitate analysis of traffic noise and intersection capacity. Our programs are designed to be user friendly so with only a little background knowledge, you can start to use them.

    We offer the following pc programs:

    • Capcal: A program to assess the traffic capacity and trafficability of traffic intersections. (available in English and Swedish)
    • Buller Väg: A program for assessing road traffic noise (available only in Swedish)
    • Buller Tåg: A program for assessing train traffic noise (available only in Swedish)

    More information on Capcal

    With Capcal you can calculate the degree of saturation and other performance measures as well as socio-economic costs related to road intersections. The software is based on the Swedish highway capacity manual. The user interface and the manual are available both in English and Swedish. Trivector offers open courses in Swedish, but do not hesitate to contact us if you need training in English, and we can see how we can accommodate your needs.

    For more information, please see our Swedish Capcal page (in Swedish), or contact Capcal-support our any of our Capcal experts:

    More information on Buller Väg and Buller Tåg

    Please contact one of our noise experts:

    Trivector System AB / Vävaregatan 21 / 222 36 Lund / +46 (0)10-4565600 / info@trivector.se

    About Trivector

    Trivector consists of three subsidiaries – each specialising in a particular area. Trivector offers services within the areas of transport, IT-systems and business development. The Trivector group consists of Trivector Traffic, Trivector System and Trivector LogiQ.

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