Public transport informatics

    Public transport informatics

    Trivector System is one of the leading system integrators in the area of public transport informatics in Sweden. They created the country’s first in-vehicle computer for use in public transport and the first system for giving priority to buses in traffic intersections by using radio messages.

    Three major areas

    Our products and services span three major areas:

    • Integrated travel information systems for public transport.
    • Vehicle equipment, mobile computer communication and road traffic informatics, dynamic presentation systems and presentation units.
    • IT-consulting work (software development and IT support) in transport

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    Some of our ITS services and products

    Information and traffic management systems – TriTrans

    TriTrans is a module-based information system for public transport and operates in real time to serve all parties involved: transport planners, operators, drivers and passengers. It consists of the following modules:

    • Traffic control system Vemos provides information on the geographical position of each vehicle in operation, shows deviations from the timetable and collects statistical data.
    • Vehicle computer Triveco 14 reports the position and the status to Vemos but it is also the hub for the vehicle components, controlling inside and outside signs, voice announcements etc. Of course, it can also be used without a TriTrans system.
    • Presentation system IntraInfo is based on a special software providing information to waiting passengers at terminals, bus stops and more. The information is presented via visual displays, monitors and voice announcements of various types.
    • Rasc, a signal priority system for buses at intersections
    • Vemos Web makes it possible to provide traffic information in real time to the Internet and smart phone.

    TriTrans is primarily designed for bus traffic, but it can easily be adapted for trains, ferries or other means of transport.

    Vehicle equipment and presentation units, cabinets and speech units

    We offer complete presentation (14-65” displays for indoor and outdoor usage and text to speech) units for traffic information at public transport stops and interchanges.

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    About Trivector

    Trivector consists of three subsidiaries – each specialising in a particular area. Trivector offers services within the areas of transport, IT-systems and business development. The Trivector group consists of Trivector Traffic, Trivector System and Trivector LogiQ.

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