Shared electric self-driving vehicles in the transport system of the future

Sustainable transport

What potential do self-driving vehicles have in traffic and transportation? How do users think about this type of service? These are questions that we have investigated in the project "Eldsjäl" together with the traffic office in the city of Gothenburg, Västtrafik and Malmö University / K2. PTV has contributed the software to carry out the simulations.

självkörande bil

Increased understanding of how self-driving vehicles can affect car traffic and public transport in the Gothenburg area

The vehicles of the future will be electrified, automated and shared. Properly applied, these vehicle concepts will contribute to a sustainable transportation system, but they can also create a traffic disruption. Even though we do not yet know when these vehicles will use our streets, it is high time for the actors in society to prepare.

– The purpose of the project is to gain an increased understanding of how self-driving vehicles can affect our transport system. We have done this partly through simulations of different scenarios, and partly through in-depth interviews with residents from Gothenburg. We are very proud to be the first consulting company that together with our project partners have done this type of study on the Swedish market, says Lennart Persson who worked on the project.

Future scenarios with recommendations for a sustainable transport system

Within the project, an applied study was carried out, where the potential for self-driving shared vehicles was explored in Gothenburg, Mölndal and Partille. Possible future scenarios were developed, which were then modelled using VISUM software. The user studies showed that there is both a high level of awareness and a positive attitude towards this type of vehicle.

– By preparing five different scenarios and then simulating these, we have a deeper understanding of how the transport system is affected in residential areas, along routes, and in central Gothenburg. The project has provided knowledge about the impact on traffic, how many vehicles are required, where they pick up and drop off and where they stand when not in use, explains project employee Astrid Michielsen.

The project shows that self-driving vehicles will have a major impact on the city and its traffic situation. If public transport passengers choose to use a carshare solution, we see a strong increase in traffic, if car drivers, on the other hand, use a rideshare solution, the transport system is relieved. User studies showed that public transport passengers are more likely to test a rideshare solution compared to car drivers who prefer to use a carshare solution.

The project started in January 2020 and ended in October 2021. The project is funded by Vinnova and the Västra Götaland region.

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You are welcome to contact Astrid Michielsen, 010- 456 56 75 or Lennart Persson 010-456 56 03

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